5 Must-have Stationery Supplies for Note-taking

Make your note-taking dramatically effective with trendy and useful stationery items.

Buying stationery items was once an interesting activity for me. I used to buy stationery not only for my studies and note-taking but also for adding to my stationery collection. I never thought twice about buying stationery even if it was unnecessary. I assume that most of you also do the same even when we are breathing in the 21st century known for tech. Most of us still fall for gorgeous stationery when we already have a laptop or a tablet with us. 

Trendy stationery always fascinated me as a student but not anymore. I prefer trendy but useful stationery now. Useful stationery items are paramount for effective note-taking. Even the tech items cannot replace good stationery items.

My obsession with trendy and useful stationery directs me to write about the 5 must-have stationery supplies for note-taking. Besides sharing my opinion, I also want you to make your notes clear, effective, and look splendid with these 5 must-have stationery supplies for note-taking. 

5 must-have stationery supplies for note-taking

1. Pens

Obviously, the list of 5 must-have stationery supplies for note-taking must start with the pen. I always searched for a perfect, smoothly functioning pen. Now, a wide variety of pens is available but that wasn’t the case years ago. You can buy and have different types of very smooth pens right now. For example, Uni-Ball Jetstream, Pilot the Better Retractable, Bic Cristal Xtra Bold, and so on are perfect ball pens for you to choose from. If you are looking for gel pens, Muji Gel Ink Pen, Tadkin Gel Pens, Chromatic Glitter Pens, etc. are some great pens. 

2. Highlighters

Highlighter is an item that helps you highlight the main points when reading books. Highlighting essential sentences, important points, and even words makes study easier. Furthermore, You can also make your notes more effective and appealing with a highlighter. Therefore, a highlighter is another must-have stationery supply for students.

I didn’t go to school without a highlighter in my bag even for a single day. So, are there any best highlighters currently available in the market?

Yes, there is a multitude of trendy and useful highlighters currently available.

For example, Sharpie 27145 Pocket Highlighters, Zebra Pen Double Ended Highlighters, BIC Brite Liner Highlighter, etc. are some pretty, useful, and effective highlighters you can look for in the market. 

3. Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are perfect for making quick notes and for reminders as well. You can also use them for annotations in your notes and books. Sticky notes are available in a variety of colors and sizes. Therefore, it is easy to find sticky notes of your favorite color and preferred size.

4. Spiral Notebook

Again, a variety of notebooks is available but spiral notebooks are my favorite because of being compact and manageable. You can choose a notebook of your choice but I will always suggest a spiral notebook. 

5. A Metal Ruler

A ruler helps you keeps your notes clean and tidy. Although plastic rulers are also available. I prefer a metal ruler because it is of better quality and doesn’t break.

Final thoughts

So, if you want to make your note-taking more effective as well as interesting, the aforementioned 5 must-have stationery supplies for note-taking will offer a lot. 


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