Why you shouldn’t buy the Jam Live Free TWS Earbuds?

At the start of this year, I thought it would be a good idea to buy the jam wireless earbuds.

The Jam True Wireless Earbuds are very cheap compared to the airpods pro, around $70.

Jam Audio is a brand known for its budget earbuds and it’s success has relatively grown in this market. In this review, we are covering the Jam True Wireless Earbuds & Why you should not buy the Jam Live true Wireless Earbuds? 

At the start of this year, I read some awesome reviews from various websites and watched the promotion video, so I thought it would be a great idea to give them a shot.

Jam Earbuds

Jam Live Review

At the start they worked really well, the sound was crisp and the bass was clear. Also, it had a great volume.

Each Earbud allowed full control, you could Pause, Play, Answer Phone Calls and Skip songs. Additionally, it paired with your smartphone to offer Google’s smart assistant.

Bluetooth connectivity was simple, and you could change the name of the device. The only downside is it doesn’t offer an app to modify the sound settings. On the other hand, the Sony ANC Wireless Earbuds offered this setting.

Also, it featured passive noise cancellation, which was an added bonus.

Once In the ear, it felt quite stuffy and tight, almost like I stuffed a box full of tissues inside.

As for the battery life, it lasted 6 – 8 hours whereas the charging box lasted 50-hrs without charge. I believe you can go up to 8 – 9 cycle charges.

I have got to hand it to them. Jam Audio knew how to ensure the Earbuds retained their juice even after using it for 7 months.

Having a few conversations with my family, some have quoted that my voice has changed. However that is not the case it was just the earbuds microphone making my voice sound hollow.

The Dark side of The Jam Audio Earbuds

I am not to sure what exactly triggered this problem however it ends up affecting both earbuds, making them useless.

Bare with me whilst I explain.

After, 3 – 4 months, I used the headphones as normal and it was working completely fine, then the left earbud decided to lower the volume down to almost zero.

It was impossible to hear anything unless it was complete silent.

Even if I had increased the volume on my smartphone, it still played the audio below the minimum volume which was very frustrating.

Therefore, I only had one fully functioning earbud. Or did I?

After another month or so, that decided to break as well.

Then I contacted Jam Audio’s customer service, waiting 25 minutes to be put through to a representative, I was told there is nothing that can be done.

Maybe I was just unlucky with my purchase or Jam Audio has a serious long term durability issue.

Either way, for a pair of budget earbuds I would have at least expected it to last longer than a year. What do you think?


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